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Taublesse - Custom Coffee Tables Perth

New Age of furniture - experience epoxy resin magic

Perth's Finest Coffee Tables - Epoxy Resin Art

If you are looking for a stylish addon to your living room, you came to the right place. Here at Taublesse it's all about make things different, better & according to recent trends in furniture design. We specialise in manufacturing custom coffee tables in Perth, but if you need a different piece of furniture, we can do it as well. All the furniture we make is manufactured using Australian wood - mostly jarrah, karri and marri with a subtle touch of epoxy resin.
Epoxy resin tables became quite popular these days, but there are just a few companies which made them right. Our secret is the quality of the resin we use and the amazing finish we offer. Using a proper epoxy resin is crucial, as the poor quality resin turns yellow over time and it's very vulnerable, especially when it comes to scratches and dents. A coffee table is not only an elegant piece of home decor - it meant to be used and we fully understand that. All products are made to last for years of everyday use.
Our second point of difference is the finish of our custom coffee tables. You can choose between: oil stain, high gloss (laquer or epoxy resin) or satin.
We also offer a wide variety of epoxy resin pigments - pearl, metallic, translucent. All furniture can be order with an additional custom features - burn wood, lichtenberg fractals, inbuilt glass elements and more.
Wood on all  coffee tables can be stained in any colour you would like - we can come to your place or use samples provided to match the colour of the furniture you already have.
Table dimensions, thickness the top as well as legs can be chosen indivuidually.

Why Taublesse?

We have almost 20 years of experience in carpentry and furniture design. We follow latest trends and experiment with unique techniques. We can design and build any coffee table in just 2 weeks and if for any reason you won't like it - we will make you another one. How amazing is that?

Customise Everything

We specialise in custom builds. You are very fussy? Haven't found anything you like in your  local furniture stores - come and talk to us. We are happy to use any wood and any combination of materials. Additional features? No problem! Thanks to the latest generation CNC machine we use - any shape and feature is possible.

One of a kind furniture

We design and build all our coffee tables from scratch. Everything is custom made from beginning till the end of the project. Every piece of furniture have to be a work of art. Period.

All Products are Proudly made in Perth

Everything is hand made in Perth, WA. We do not outsorce or import any components. You can expect highest attention to details - we don't cut corners and don't rush. 

Built with the Best Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin matters - we know that and that's why we use only the highest quality resin available on the market. Our Resin coffee tables are temperature and scratch resistant.

Tables that won't break

We stand behind what we build, that's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all furniture we make. Our products simply don't break.

Our Coffee Tables will make your living room shine

We take prade in all we design and build. We say no to all cheap furniture from China. We appreciate style, quality and one more thing - we love coffee! This is why our custom coffee tables are so amazing. Visit our showroom in Perth!

Contact Us

08 8434 765 288

286 Huntriss Road, Doubleview, WA 6018

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